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Here is Alan and Kathy Henderson's wonderful life website!

We're building our last home!
See the current plans created by Kathy and Alan.
Originally we were going to build in Grande Vista Bay, but Alan VanWhy with Noble Knights was such a horrible person to work with, we changed our minds.
Current and Recent Vacations -
Berwyn 2019 Trip - Fiona viewing - Google Map
Roatan 2019 Trip - Google Map - Blog and Images
Europe 2019 Trip - Helsinki Map and Rome Map

Las Vegas Thanksgiving 2017
We went Neha and Mary for the holidays
Here is a Google Map of some of the things we did

Island Vacation 8/26 to 9/8 2017-
We are headed back to Big Island only this year.   Map - Big Island
2014 Kawaii Vacation 8/23 to 9/6 -
Check out photos and videos published   Maps - Kauai   Big Island
Cozumel & Mexico Vacation
We will be in the Cozumel from July 9-14, 2016 then to Playa del Carmen from July 14-17. Google Map of things to do in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen.
Alan now back as a Volunteer at Zoo Knoxville
Email Alan a huge fan of Zoo Knoxville and a volunteer in 2000-1 and from 2007 until 12/1/18 had decided to stop due to medical reasons, but the zoo gave me emeritus status. "The best job I ever had to pay to work at."
Ciara's home page
Here is a page with all things Ciara. There are lots of photos and videos. Also, there is Ciara's pedigree and race history.
Horseshoe Pit
Alan has added a horseshoe pit to the backyard amusement park. If you have mad horseshoe skills, then please come by and give Alan a lesson!
Mary Ruth "Hall" Henderson
The nicest person in the world died March 3, 2017. We will miss her so much!
Donnie passed away Sept. 24, 2014 & will be missed.
Alan and Kathy Solar System
Yes we providing power to the world as TVA Green Power Providers since July 2013. See Solar Al's webpage
   Fire Alarm design software

FireSysCAD is an AutoCAD based software system that helps engineers, designers and drafters to create Fire Alarm drawings.
Alan is almost retired.
After 32 years creating custom AutoCAD programs, Alan sold A'cad Solutions LLC to Design Alarms LLC. The new company will devote all their time to supporting the FireSysCAD software. Thank you to all our clients over the years.
Current weather in Knoxville
Click for the more Knoxville weather info. Check out the weather in Knoxville. Alan has been all over the world and to every state.

Favorite saying "Tennessee had 4 real seasons, none of them bad."
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If you find and read this paragraph, let me know and I will treat you to a great evening of dinner, drinks, ziplining and horseshoe pitching. Not necessarily in that order.
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