August 31, 2003 - Kathy and Alan Wedding

Wedding Vows
I love you .....
You are my best friend.
Because of you I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again.
I am proud to marry you this day.
I promise to love you in good times and bad,
when life is easy and when it seems hard.
As your partner I will inspire, encourage and nurture you.
I will always love, respect and be faithful to you.
And from this day on, the best is yet to come�

These digital copies of the original photos (unfortunately they are low resolution).

Photos -


Harpist in Gazebo
Joan helping Alan get ready

Sharon and Mark


Jim and Jerrine

Jim and Mary Henderson

Jim and Dianne Whitaker

Sharon and Jim Whitakter

Prient and Alan

Jenny Moran and Cliff Harmon

Franci and Tim Hopen

Sarah Bogan and Jacob Westreicht

Flower child Sarah

Kathy and Daddy Bogan

The ceremony

Therese Bogan speech

Emily Newell "Henderson" speeck

The "Kiss"

Alan and Kathy Henderson

The Photos

The Rice ceremony

Signing the legal documents

Kids playing

The Candle ceremony

Alan, Kathy and Paluth kids

Finally get to eat

The crew

The toast

The drink

The cake

Alan playing nice with the cake

Kathy not playing nice with the cake

The Hendersons

The Puppy

Little Mary Newell

The flowers and rings

The 1st dance

Jenny and Pat Moran

Franci and Tim Hopen

Tim and Kathy

Therese and Jim

Dianne and Mark

Jenny and Cliff Harmon

Jerrine and Jim

Mary and Alan

Kathy and Jim

Kathy and Daddy Bogan


Jack and Sarah

The Hendersons

The Whitakers and Hendersons

Alan, Kathy and the girls

Alan and Kayla Moran

Kathy and Sarah

Chicken Dance

Conga Dance

Drinks all around

Joy Henderson and Daddy Bogan

Alan waiting for the night to be over, so he can.....