September 3, 2003 - Henderson Honeymoon - Discovery Cove

Wednesday morning we went to Sea World's 'Discovery Cove'. We had to get there at 7:30 am (again under great protest from Kathy). We were able to sign up for the first swim of the day with the dolphins at 8:45. Alan was the first in our group to kiss the dolphin, and then he was asked to give a command. When Alan splashed water at the dolphin she immediately splashed water back. The instructor thought that was funny. Kathy kissed the dolphin and then wiggled her fingers, which was the command for the dolphin to talk. Then the last thing we were allowed to do was to hold on to the dolphin while it swam around the pool. After the swim we went to the Lazy River to learn to snorkel. It is a fresh water area that flows in a circular route. I swam with Kathy holding on to my feet being pulled along. It was Kathy's favorite time on the whole honeymoon. After the Lazy (for some of us) River we went to the salt water lagoon to swim with the fish. Then we went over to the Sting Ray bay and watched them 'fly' around us in the water. Later that afternoon, we went back to snorkel the Lazy River and stopped in the bird sanctuary and fed the birds. We went back to the Salt-water Lagoon and this time swam all over looking at the huge fish. Discovery Cove was the best part of our honeymoon.

Photos -
Up before the crack of dawn, waiting to get into park

The park before the crowds

Lazy river without the crowds

Dolphin experience


Beach area

Sting rays

Clown fish

Sting rays