September 8, 2003 - Henderson Honeymoon - Wisconsin

On the 2nd week of our honeymoon, we took a trip to bike ride on the Elroy-Sparta State Trail.
We drove and spent the night at a cheap hotel somewhere along I94. It was cheap and smelled, but they allowed dogs. Kenai went outside to do a little business and came back with a dead animal. She is such a great dog!!!
The next morning we drove to Elroy, WI and rented 2 bikes and a child carrier. We put blankets on the bottom and made Kenai lay down. She didn't like it, so we made her run for a mile and then she didn't mind sitting and watching for squirrels. It was a difficult ride up to the top of the hill at the tunnel. We then had a nice ride down to Kendell where we had lunch. we then turned around and went home (back up the hill and finally downhill back to Elroy).

Photos -
Kenai not sure about riding behind the bike

Kathy at lunch

Lunch.....look at that skinny man!

Kathy and Kenai at 1 of the mile long tunnels