June 30 to July 6, 2012 - Wisconsin vacation

Kathy and I spent the 4th of July in Wisconsin. It was so hot we nearly melted.
July 1 we went to Jack's baseball game. They didn't win but Jack did well.

July 2 we went to Sandy Beach Park at Lake Mills for Dianne's birthday. Jim, Anne, Zack, Jack and Sarah - Dianne - Kathy and Alan - Sharon, Abby and James all came to celebrate the day. We rented a pontoon boat for a couple of hours. The kids swam in the lake and later Zack, Jack, Abby and Alan snorkeled around the bridge on the Glacial Drumlin bike trail.

July 3 we went to Jenny Moran's oconomowac lake house. The whole Moran family, Dianne, Kathy, Alan, Fred Westreich for a while were there. Sean, Aaron, their friend were finally taught to water ski by Alan. Jack really tried, but couldn't quite hold on. Later Alan took Sean, Aaron, Kayla and Dianne Whitaker on a jet ski ride.

July 4 Kathy and Alan we to the Krueger house for the Token Creek 4th of July parade. Sorry... no pictures...it was too hot for the camera.