Vacation April 2013 Sedona, Arizona

We spent a week in Sedona, Arizona with Rod, Berta, Sarah and Jack. The weather was great and a fun time was had by all.

Here are some of the things we did while in Sedona -
Slide Rock
Skywall at Grand Canyon
Northern Lights balloon ride
Church on the Hill
Montezuma Well

Sedona Summit - Nicer resort than most RCI resorts - Attractive, beautiful scenery and fairly close to town
I have to give this resort high marks compared to all the other RCI timeshares we have stayed at. On a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best. Check-in = 8. I had originally booked a suite and found the room was smaller than I thought and an older building. Front desk quickly moved us to a 1 bedroom that was in a new building and was much better and no extra charge. All we had to do is ask. Front Desk service = 10. Extremely pushy Salesperson = 2. I asked about a balloon trip and was pushed extremely hard to take tour for the discounted trip. Salesperson couldn't understand no. Finally after saying "NO" very loud, salesperson stopped. She then quickly booked balloon ride, so for concierge service = 8. The 1 bedroom looked almost exactly like photos on website. Overall unit score = 8. The views around the resort = 9. Our unit was bottom floor in low spot, so View from the room = 3. Pull-out couch one of better = 9. Bed comfortable = 8. Bathroom huge = 8. Shower huge = 10. Sliding doors noisy. Kitchen a little small, but usable = 7. Patio a too small = 4. Noise from upstairs reasonable = 5. We only went to the big pool/hot tub and it was never crowded = 8. Grills were about 20 steps from unit, were newer and very clean = 9. Grill Lighters wouldn't work, but front desk immediately sent some to light for us. Unit was in a low spot, so wireless wouldn't work - wireless = 2. Front desk quickly changed pool towels when needed.
Note - friends who own Diamond Resorts had much bigger 1 bedroom (typical for RCI).
Other not so nice things - Employees parked on both sides of main road making travel more difficult. No dining table in our unit. Poor lighting in bedroom and bathroom.
I have bad memory, but I think the building was 37, unit 223.

Northern Lights Balloon ride had many bad reviews in internet. We loved it. Left resort 6:00 am. Quickly inflated balloons. Took off about 2 miles from resort and flew around 10 miles to West for about 1-1/4 hours. Part of the time we were around 4,000 feet high and part of the way we flew a few hundred feet above the ground. After landing we had breakfast of pastry, strawberries, cream, champagne and orange drink. Back to resort by 8:30am.

Slide Rock was cheap, fun, dangerous and freezing cold!

Long day trip to Skywalk at Grand Canyon was 4.5 hours 1 way with 10 miles on winding, gravel road. View spectacular. Except for price, well worth the trip.

On the way home Kathy and I stopped by to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the by Montezuma's Well