May 21-25, 2014 Key West Vacation

We spent 5 days in Key West, Florida on vacation with Stacey and Chris Gilfillan. The weather was beautiful.

Wednesday May 21, 2014
We arrived around 2pm in Key West. Stacey and Chris picked us up and took us to the Coco Plum Inn Bed and Breakfast. We immediately changed to swimming suits and went to the pool. I took a few photos of Kathy and Stacey in the pool from our balcony. We spent a hours by and in the pool.
For dinner we went to Santiago's Bodega Tapas Bar. We ordered a bunch of tiny plates of food. The best was the bbq pork and scallops. The price was high, quantities a little too small, but overall the food was great. Cost $140 for 2.
After dinner we walked over to Duval Street and to Irish Kevin's for a drink. The entertainer was talking more than singing (Jimmy Buffet - lost shaker of salt) and making fun of people and me as I walked to the bathroom, so on the way back I brought him a packet of salt and he laughed. We stayed for 1 drink and then went back to get some rest for the exciting few days ahead.

Thursday May 22, 2014
Breakfast as the Coco Plum was great. Biscuits and gravy was good. We left early to go to Barefoot Billy's (next to the Waldorf-Astoria Beach). It took almost an hour before they were ready to go. We had 2 guides, 1 in front and 1 in the back (to herd us). It became a mad dash around the island with a few stops along the way for information about the island and for 20 minutes of free skiing. Kathy got lost once, but the guide at the back helped her find us. We were racing at speeds of up to 50 mph. The ride was mostly smooth, but occasionally the waves got really bumpy.
Back at the Coco Polm we laid around the pool for most of the afternoon, snacking and drinking. For dinner we took the ferry to Sunset Key to have dinner at Latitudes. The island has homes and vacation rentals and is beautifully landscaped. The restaurant is on the west side of the island and has beautiful sunsets. We had a truly wonderful meal. The prices where very high, but the portions where a very generous size. Cost $160 for 2.

Friday, May 23, 2014
Breakfast as the Coco Plum was great. Biscuits and gravy were still good. We left early to go to Key West Snorkel and Fishing Combo - Delphine Charters. The private charter cost $300 for the 4 of us. The boat was quite a bit older than the photos, but seaworthy. We motored (slowly) about 8 miles into the Atlantic Ocean to the Western Sambo reef area. The fish were plentify and beautiful. After an hour and a half of snorkeling, I found Kathy quietly crying in the ocean. She was seasick. So we cut the trip short and went home. Kathy took a long nap and finally woke up feeling better. We spent a few hours around the pool, snacking and drinking. For dinner we went to the Blue Heaven Restaurant. It is a querky outdoor restaurant. The was very good and moderately expensive. Chickens roosted almost over my head, but I escaped any poop-bombs. Cost $130 for 2. After dinner we walked along Duval Street, but Kathy and I ended up heading back for bedtime.

Saturday, May 24, 2014
Breakfast as the Coco Plum was great. Eggs, bacon, hash browns and a side of french toast was very good. After breakfast we headed to the Fort Zachary Beach. At 10am the beach was almost empty. I spent the next 4 hours snorkeling around the rock islands, just off shore. I saw 5 foot tarpons, 5 foot sting rays, 2 foot angle fish, 1.5 foot parrot fish and millions of bait fish. I had 1 beer break and then was back snorkeling. We spent the afternoon at Coco Plum by the pool and napping. For dinner we went to the Conch Republic Seafood. Cost $200 for 4. We walked around the marina and then had a drink at Schooner Wharf Bar. Afterwards, Kathy and I had a slice of Key Lime pie at the Key West Key Lime Pie store (as seen on TV). We then walked down Duval to Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant. This is a desert only restaurant open evenings. The deserts were wonderful.
Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kathy and I got up before the crack of dawn (the louded rooster on Key West) and flew home and got back around 11am. Then it was a wonderful day of napping (Kathy's new favorite hobby).
About the Coco Plum Inn Bed and Breakfast
This is an older and smaller resort, but is in good condition. The pool was small, but rarely had any other guests, so it was like it was our private pool. Breakfast at the inn was great. The was a good variety of choices and the chef was very accomodating. The inn is 1 block from Duval Street and around the middle of the island. The inn is next to the Green Parrot, but we never had any problem with the noise. We stayed in the 3 bedroom suite on the second floor. There were 3 suites with a private living room. We had the room with a private bath and a private balcony. Cost around $250/night.

Here are a few photos of what we did while in Key West -
May 21 - Key West Airport and Coco Plum Pool
May 22 - Jet Ski around the island
May 24 - Fort Zachary Beach