July 17, 2014 Horseshoe Pit

We finally have an addition to the backyard amusement park!

Alan and his friend Rick Tedesco built a professional grade horseshoe pit out in the back 40.
Someday soon I will document the steps needed to produce this great game in your backyard.
In the meantime, here are photos of the process (starting with finished to beginning.

North End pit - finished

South End pit - finished
Note - I had to raise the pit 14" to be level with the other pit

North End pit - almost done
10 bags of sand weren't enough (needed another 8)

North End pit - finishing backstop

North End pit - screws used to hold railroad tie

North End pit - drainage line from underground ties

South End pit - example of how stake is held in place
The stake is a 30" x 1" diameter Steel Rod
The hole was drilled thru the railroad tie at a 12 degree angle
A 1" pipe flange helps to prevent the stake from moving in the railroad tie hole.

South End pit - finishing underground ties

Area before building the horseshoe pits