Alan's Favorite Recipes

Smoked Salmon - This recipe is for Alan's world famous Alaska Smoked salmon
White Chili - Here is Hilda Harmon's famous White Chili that Alan has co-opted as a favorite
Carmel Corn - Here is a great Carmel Corn recipe from Judy and Brian Schaff - Note - this is a messy process but well worth the effort
Thanksgiving Dinner - Alan's wish list of a perfect Thanksgiving Dinner
Poached Chicken - Delicious chicken with moderate amount of time to fix
Gourmet Meal - This is the gourmet meal as designed by Kathy and Alan for their hosted party.
Big Pot Spaghetti - This recipe is meant to be made in a huge pot for lots of spaghetti sauce. Alan used to make this once a month for a whole week's work of lunches and dinners. Now that he's married and Kathy doesn't like leftovers, it is Alan's lunch for a few days, plus 2-3 Rubbermaid containers that are frozen for a later day. This recipe makes around 6 quarts of sauce (enough for 20 people).

Future recipes that might be added to this site -
Fried Halibut/Chicken with the secret coating
Chocolate covered Vanilla Wafers/Ritz crackers with peanut butter