Henderson - Dream Home

3315 Old Plantation Way, Maryville, TN 37804

We purchased lot 1 in Sweet Grass Plantation subdivision in Blount County Tennessee.
We are currently finishing the design and hope to start estimates after Labor Day.
Hopefully ground breaking will be in October and with a finished home in July 2020.

Here is the lastest designs by Alan and A-R -
10/2/19   Sheet 1 Title
10/2/19   Sheet 2 Notes
10/2/19   Sheet A-1 Main Floor Plan
10/2/19   Sheet A-2 Second Floor Plan and Flooring Plan
10/2/19   Sheet A-3 Front and Left Elevation
10/2/19   Sheet A-4 Right and Rear Elevation, Plumbing Plan
10/2/19   Sheet A-5 Foundation Plan
10/2/19   Sheet A-6 Main Floor Framing Plan
10/2/19   Sheet A-7 Main and Second Floor Roof Framing Plan, Roof Plan
9/27/19   Sheet AD-1 Construction Details
9/27/19   Sheet AD-2 Construction Details
9/27/19   Sheet AD-3 Construction Details

Additional Drawings -
10/2/19   Site Plan
10/2/19   Flooring
10/2/19   Baseboard and Door,Window,Wainscoting Trim
10/2/19   Crown Molding
10/2/19   Counter Plan
10/2/19   Kitchen Elevation
10/2/19   Kitchen Elevation with Item Locations
10/2/19   Lighting Main
10/2/19   Lighting Bonus
10/2/19   Electrical Main
10/2/19   Electrical Bonus
10/2/19   Closet
10/2/19   Closet and Furniture Item Location
10/2/19   Accent Roof
10/2/19   Furniture Layout

Other information -
Vendor List
New Lighting Ideas
Lighting Ideas
Lighting excel file

Here was the home design by Alan 8/23/19 -
Main Living Area Plan
Garage, Sunroom and Pool
Second Floor
Site and Pool
Kitchen Elevation Plan
Electrical Plan

Google map showing current home (green dot) and new home (red dot) and Franci home (purple dot).
Orange line shows the proposed Pellissippi Parkway extension due to start construction in 2022.

Lot next to cemetary

View east of the property from across the street

View east of north lot line from northwest corner

View south of southwest corner of lot

View east of south lot line from southwest corner

View southwest of the mountains from the northeast corner

View west of south lot line from southeast corner

View west of north line from northeast corner