AntiqueAl's Antiques

Here are some of the great antiques Alan has accumulated over the years. Most were purchased in the 1990's when Alan was buying and selling at Esau's Antique Show in Knoxville, TN, the Charlotte Antique Show, the Nashville Flea Market, Scott's Antique show in Atlanta and Pride of Dixie Antique Show in Atlanta.

NOTE - everything is for sale (for a price). Call and let's negotiate!

Antique Pocket Flask Collection for Sale
   Antque Pocket Flask Collection for Sale (shown in Cabinet also for sale)
   Pocket Flasks purchased from 1990-2003
   Pocket Flasks purchased from 2003-2010

Photos 11-14-15
   Photos taken of antiques for sale and sold

Here are a few things currently for sale -
(2) handmade (in Maryville, TN) doll houses (1 log cabin and 1 shake style) including furniture for 1 of the houses = $450
(2) Oak T-back chairs (refinished) = $100
(1) Knock-down armoire = $250
(1) toy antique pool table (folding) = $75
(2) well loved and used rugs (approx. 8'x10') = $40
(1) case of stained glass and working tools = $500
(1) handmade computer desk with removable lap desk = $50

Miscellaneous Antiques

100 Storage Boxes, not opened since 2003

Cast Iron (mostly Griswold and Wagner)
   Cast Iron Box 1
   Cast Iron Box 2
   Cast Iron Box 3
   Cast Iron Box 4
   Cast Iron Box 5
   Cast Iron Box 6
   Cast Iron Box 7
   Cast Iron Box 8
   Cast Iron Box 9

Antiques already Sold