Directions to the Henderson Home from Wisconsin

From the North -
South on I-94 from Milwaukee (toll booth at border)
South on I-294 (towards airport) (split from I-94)
East on I-90 (Kennedy Express Way toward downtown Chicago) (toll booth at start)
Rejoin I-94
Just past 63rd Street, East on Chicago Skyway (I-90) (toll booth at start)
Just after entering Indiana at toll booth and I-90/I-65 split, South on I-65
130 miles to Indianapolis
A few miles later at Highway 30 (81st Street) is a good place to stop for gas and food.
Continue on I-65 to Indianapolis
Take I-65 to downtown Indianapolis
Take I-65/I-70 south
Take I-65 south
Take I-465 east
Take I-74 southeast to Cincinnati
84 miles to Cincinnati
Take I-275 south around Cincinnati beltway
Take I-75/I-71 south toward Lexington
Take I-75 south to Lexington and Knoxville
After Merchants Drive in Knoxville
Take I-275 south at I-640 split
Stay in middle lane until I-40 intersection, the get in left lane of 2 left lanes (I-40 south to Atlanta)
Stay in left lane at merge onto I-40, right lane will exit 17th street
Now you will be in right lane at Exit to Highway 129 south (to airport & Smoky Mountains) (go 5.6 miles)
Get in left lane after seeing big church and construction equipment (Powers) on left
Exit left at Governor John Sevier highway (Highway 168) (go 1.0 mile)
Turn right at street immediately before "Weigels gas station)
Street winds around the back side of "Weigels"
Turn right on Knoxville Pike (go 0.7 miles)
Turn right on South Lane Boulevard (brick and wrought iron fence at divided entrance)
Turn left immediately on South Creek Road
We are the 6th house on the left at the curve.

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