Late for Work or "the Morning Sun Story"

Copyright Alan R. Henderson December 16, 2004 (minor revisions October 1, 2012)
I woke up one June workday morning, looked at the alarm clock and read 8:15 am. The clock should have gone off at 7:00 am. My boss at the time was a real jerk about being late to work. The man would dock you 15 minutes if you were late 1 minute, but would allow you to work extra that evening to make up the time. Of course, he always wanted you to work after 5:00 pm to finish a job at the end of the day without overtime. I jumped out of bed, took a 2 minute shower, grabbed an apple, got in my car and started driving madly to work. I lived 15 miles from work and was almost there when I finally noticed the clock in the car. It read 3:30 am. I didn't have my glasses on when I first looked at the clock, and being half blind, I had misread the clock. Since the sun rises around 2:30am and sets around midnight in June, the sun was full up in the sky at 3:15 in the morning.
I turned around to go home and as I was passing a bar near my house, I noticed a friends car in the parking lot. At that time the bars closed at 5am. I stopped in and gathered up a few friends and we to breakfast at the "Hog Brothers" cafe, I dive restaurant that catered to the after bar hours drunk crowd.

Note - the bar was a log building with a grass roof called "The Roadhouse - where the grass grows over your head, not under your feet".

I had always wondered why people had aluminum foil on their windows. Now you know why.

Notes -
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