Alan's Alaska Adventure Stories -

Here is the start of my stories about my time in Alaska from 1978 to 1985 -
"Late for Work" or "the Morning Sun story"

"First Alaskan Salmon Caught" or "the Sushi story"

"Fish On" or "Fun with Idiot Fisherman story"

"Broken Ankle at Hatcher Pass" or "How I got an Oil Company Job story"

"Honey Pots" or "Stuck in the Outhouse story"

"Catching Halibut the Hard Way" or "the Long story"

"28 Days of Hell" or "the Best Weight Loss and Wallet Stuffing Diet story"

Stay tuned for future stories that I will write as I get the time -
"Fishing the Cook Inlet" or "Halibut and King Crabs story"

"Downhill Cross-Country Skiing" or "the Look Before you Stop story"

"Night-time Cross-Country Skiing" or "the Watch out for Ghosts story"

"Killer Whales" or "the Cameras Attrack Aniamsl story"

"Forgot my Glasses" or "the Blind Alan story"

"Hatcher Pass Group Skiing" or "the Watch What you Don't Wear story"

"Mount Blackburn Vacation" or "the People are nice in Alaska story"

"Dad Visits Alaska" or "the Pot story"

"Mom Visits Alaska" or "the Other Pot story"

"Giant Cabbage" or "the Coleslaw story"

Notes -
These stories are true stories and are not to be confused with tall tales. If you don't believe them, well...., you haven't been in Alaska for an extended period of time or maybe you don't know how to have fun.
Some day when I finally go through my old photos, I'll scan them in and put them on the website.
Please note, if you were to make a monetary donations for my time, it might make the photos appear quicker.

Italics -
Text in italics is sidebar information about Alaska and Alan's adventures.